A Coffee Cure at Espresso Cielo

Bitter, watered down coffee—a quick way to disappoint my mood. The opposite flavor, of course, easily boosts it, and that’s exactly what I needed the morning I journeyed into Espresso Cielo on 3101 Main Street in Santa Monica.

Espresso Cielo, Santa Monica

Pacific time always throws my body out of whack, and when coupled with one too many drinks at The Penthouse atop the Huntley Hotel one Friday night in September, I was needless to say thirsty for a hopeful hangover remedy. The morning should have included plenty of H20, but instead I hydrated with what’s likely considered about two day’s worth of caffeine (contrary to what you might think, I promise, I really am a health nut).

I made way to Espresso Cielo for two reasons: one, it was within walking distance from my friend’s apartment at The Shores and two, the café serves 49th Parallel Coffee.

I back the belief that the Pacific Northwest hits the spot for fine-tasting brew. And it’s no coincidence that 49th Parallel Coffee is located in Vancouver. The company clearly understands the art of roasting. Every batch of the green coffee is carefully prepared by the “Master,” aka Michael Piccolo, who canadianliving.com dubs as one of the “the reigning kings in Vancouver’s coffee-centric culture,” along with 49th’s co-founder Vince Piccolo.

The Piccolo’s travel all over the world to establish a direct relationship program with coffee farmers. The ethical standards set are equally premium as the company’s coffee.

Take for instance the cup I sipped inside Espresso Cielo. Brought forth in a delicate sky blue porcelain cup was a peacefully smooth brew as warm and inviting as the café itself. The name of the blend I drank is clouded for said reasons. I just remember feeling practically back to equilibrium after the first cup, and after the second, capable of running along the Santa Monica bike path. Was I recharged enough to challenge the ever-popular, ever-daunting Santa Monica Stairs? No. But let’s face it, steep, endless stairs aren’t a good idea when you’re recuperating from white lychee cosmos and a lack of sleep. I will say that the 123°W Longitude I brought back was quite delicious. The medium-roast blend is comprised of caramel and butterscotch, a polished flavor profile that provides your taste buds with steady sweetness—and an every-morning mood booster.


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