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Time for Another Cup

Life is all about timing, and when it comes to making my coffee, it’s eight minutes well spent each morning.

Step one, pour filtered water into tea kettle. Step two, patiently await for water to boil and grind coffee beans for step three, which entails pouring hot water into a four-cup size French Press. Step four, four minutes of I’m-thirsty-already-waiting. Step five, sip and savor.

This is how I typically start each day (along with 10 minutes of core work and 75 Push Ups. And yes, I already recognize that I’m a strange being). A recent trip to Southern California, however, didn’t allow for the a.m. routine. But, I found a comforting cup at Bird Rock coffee.

BR is located in La Jolla, a place so beautiful it’s  sickening. Let me tell you, BR baristas are incredibly serious about coffee, so expect a multi-star-worthy rating at this spot. A reason why: Hario Pour Over. Yes, much to my delight, Bird Rock is one of very, very few, if not the only place in San Diego, that serves such coffee. Extraordinary is the only way to describe the flavor explosion your mouth will experience. And yet, that’s hardly what makes Bird Rock a worth-while visit. The spot has a very local vibe, “where everybody knows your name.” Even man’s best friend is welcome.

The menu is decent, too. Two interesting drinks: “Sugar Daddy,” a Mexican chocolate mocha concoction; then there’s the “Trophy Wife,” a macadamia nut latte topped with whipped cream. But naturally, I gravitated toward my staple (a skinny latte) while my friend, E.C., ordered a Mexican hot chocolate. It was insanely good. Sweet cocoa with what tasted like hints of cinnamon and a little secret something that will have you coming back to the joint in attempt to keep your taste buds wondering what exactly makes it so delicious.