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Barismo Snapshots

Barismo, Arlington, Mass.

Words are few, so I thought I’d leave you with photos instead. Click the image above to peek inside Barismo.


What’s Brewing at Barismo

Barismo, Arlington, Mass.

It’s not everyday something wonderful leaves a never-ending smile on your face. Such was the case at Barismo, a small batch roaster located in Arlington, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

The trek to Barismo is hands down every sip worth it. My java journey started 40 minutes away on a subway crowded with prep boys decked out in Brooks Brothers suits that could have used a tailoring job. One snippet of their conversation warranted an immediate headphone visit to my ears. Thank goodness for the red line transfer, which directed me to Alewife, a stop I thought would inch me closer to destiny. How I eventually arrived at 169 Massachusetts Ave. involves some random details. I’ll just say it included a dog and a Mini Cooper…

When I stepped inside Barismo, I immediately noticed two absences: chatter and chairs. The place is standing room only because the roaster focuses primarily on wholesale. Regretfully, I arrived a minute too late and missed meeting the owner, Silas. No worries though, because his devoted baristas detailed all the goods (I’ll share in another post).  Two details from Saturday’s showdown:

Barismo’s coffee is on par with Portland standards. Each cup is carefully crafted by incredibly talented baristas who proudly serve it as if delivering a prized trophy. Don’t expect anything less than excellence.

The spot also attracts dedicated drinkers like Chris, a man who’s as committed to good coffee as yours truly. If you want to have a serious coffee conversation, Barismo is definitely the place to go. The baristas aren’t the only ones who know what they’re talking about. Chris was even kind enough to direct me to the few good coffee shops around Boston. (One more day left in the city. I’m not quite as mobile after finishing the Boston Marathon. Chris, tell me, if you can only recommend one, what would it be?)