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Toby’s, the one that does not disappoint

Dating in New York ain’t easy.

Before moving to the city last October, I had a wondrous thought that the game would be comparable to jumping eyes-closed into a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. Fun, entertaining and exciting!

In reality, it’s more like jumping into a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit that’s unknowingly bottomed out with rocks. Misleading, dissatisfying and awkward.

Let’s put it this way, New York men are mutated, bred to be unpredictable, intense, too busy, and they operate off their rockers.

There’s the guy who’s interested in you — along with five other women.

There’s the guy who says he’ll call and actually does…way, way too much. Calm it down, son.

Then there’s the guy you go out with a handful of times, and he suddenly pulls a Houdini-disappearing-act. Umm?

Oh, and let’s not forget the guy who can’t make up his mind as to whether he wants to be a friend or a boyfriend. Actually, forget him.

Then there’s Toby.

At least Toby doesn’t disappoint, likely because Toby isn’t the Manhattan type.

In Toby’s presence, prepare to be pleasantly taken aback by mellow, smooth and genuinely appreciated company.

Toby’s world is uncomplicated, cultured and flavored with an endless supply of coffee.

No wonder it’s full of voracious consumers. Who wouldn’t want that? And if you haven’t encountered Toby’s Estate, here’s the number to help you enter it: 347.457.6160. I recommend an in-person one-on-one to 125 North 6th Street (yep, Brooklyn), and order a flat white.

If the date goes well and you’re ready for more, go for the pour over Costa Rica El Alto along with a salted caramel coconut macaroon. You’ll be smitten.

Get after it.