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A Luxxe Package

Caffee Luxxe + French Press = A Match Made in Heaven

Last year, the travel bug bit me pretty hard and left me with enough frequent flyer miles worthy of three plane tickets. If it weren’t for endless excursions to Los Angeles, I never would’ve discovered the beautiful and elegant Caffee Luxxe.

Santa Monica’s heavenly café awakened me to a whole new coffee experience, which I detailed in a previous post. I only wish I could savor CL’s exquisite coffee and atmosphere on a regular basis. For now, I’m fortunate to have a vicarious taste, thanks to a weekend delivery, which resulted in a ceremonious Sunday.

This morning, my coffee cup married my French Press. The beautiful union was solemnized by a divine coffee clergy made up of mild, full-bodied Costa Rica-Helsar beans, delivered from 2,300 miles away.

The coffee coupling was made possible thanks to Caffe Luxxe. Traveling with said heavenly brew were wonderful accompaniments: Testa Rossa, Amaretti cookies, biscotti and crème pour les mains, all gifted from Caffe Luxxe co-founder and creative director, Mr. Gary Chau.

The lux package also supplied bountiful Caffee Luxxe bags, my sturdy supplement to the traditional lunch tote. As if said delights weren’t enough, there was an added touch—a handwritten note that included proper use of commas.

A reception will be held post-Bill Cunningham New York. All are welcome to sip, savor and toast Costa Rica’s citrus and cedar flavor—a sweet way to finish off a Sunday.