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A Beautiful Cup of Coffee Is Anything But Boring

My lunch bag as of late, filled with...fruits and vegetables

No sugar, no carbs, no dairy…No caffeine. Welcome to Camp No-Fun, filled with boring boundaries. Yet, this is my life for the next 10 days as I undergo an herbal cleanse sacrifice in prep for the Boston Marathon.

Change is good once in a while. I have no problem surrendering the first three items because, for the most part, I already adopt an unprocessed diet, thanks to words of wisdom from food journalists Michael Pollen and Mark Bittman. Caffeine though, I could never give up my happy habit in full. I’d rather be mauled by a cat (and if you know me well, you know all about my avid aversion to felines).

Day 1 (and much to my surprise), I managed to limit my coffee cup to “normal” consumption (i.e., one cup). You can guess how that makes me feel —tired for one, but also cranky and craving. How am I supposed to wake up to the next nine mornings? A cold shower? I don’t think so.

My morning brew bell will be Intelligentsia’s House blend, which I’ve mentioned my affection for in previous posts. If I could change it up, I’d love a cup of Caffe Luxxe’s single origin coffee. Co-founder and creative director, Gary, recently informed me about the Honduras, Costa Rica and Ethiopia coffees for Caffe Luxxe’s drip bar (side note, CL recently opened up a third location at 225 26th St. in Santa Monica). If only I lived on the West Coast! I can just imagine that each coffee boasts fabulous flavor on par with my favorite Caffe (de)Luxxe coffee, Testa Rossa. If I have to limit my crazy consumption to a single cup, this is what I’d choose to drink. I wish I could buy the beautiful brew online, but unfortunately it’s not possible. It sure would help steer me to survival though.